To provide Intelligent Automation Sunesis Systems ...

  • Seeks to understand
      We realize that each situation is unique; our first priority is to spend time talking with our clients to
      accurately assess what is required. We interact with a wide range of personnel - from plant managers to
      equipment operators - to determine a complete solution.

  • Acts as an advocate
      Sunesis Systems doesn't have a one-size-fits-all solution. We are not interested in specifying a system
      only we can understand. Instead, we research available options and then educate our customers on the
      advantages and drawbacks of each one. Our goal is to enable our clients to make intelligent, informed
      decisions regarding which technologies and processes will work best for them.

  • Works within existing frameworks
      We provide advanced assistance that works within our client's corporate culture, helping
      them implement the desired solution

Automation controls created with a thorough understanding of available technologies, customer capabilities and future potential result in our clients receiving a solution that works well for them - both now and in the future.